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That’s my library—Shooting short films

That’s my library—Shooting short films

In 2019, we shot 4 short films with the title ‘My Library’ for our client, the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, to strengthen the support

libraries and librarians provide to public education and to increase their social engagement. The short films provided an insight into the bustling life of libraries: their increasing digitisation, the many programmes they offer, how they improve reading culture with the wide range of books and how they can help build communities.

MyAd Marketing Agency, Creative Agency

Where can you find your target group? What tools and budget do you need to reach them? Reaching them is not enough, though, a lot depends on implementation and timing. For the purchase of a product or service or for the conclusion of a partnership agreement, you need many details, and you need all of them in the right place. It’s like a puzzle.

Market research, competitor analysis, choosing the right platforms, drawing up a marketing strategy, preparing campaigns, developing creatives and content, launching and adjusting PPC ads, reporting...

It might seem scary, but think of it this way: you have endless possibilities.

Work with us:

MyAd Marketing and Creative Agency was established in 2013 to create unique advertising campaigns to support the communication of Hungarian SMEs and large companies. Our team has a decade-long track record in managing online and offline campaigns, in graphic design and production projects and in the creation and implementation of marketing strategies.

Full-service marketing agency

With experts from all marketing fields, our team can provide full service to your business, from creating a strategy to evaluating successful campaigns, both in offline and online media.

Integrated marketing communication

The MyAd team believes in 360-degree marketing. We believe that consistent communication across various channels can create a stronger brand identity and loyalty. Our speciality is integrated marketing across platforms.

Here is a question for you:

Do you know what is the function of the car part called Bendix?

Key services

Graphic design services

You will definitely need graphics designed for your marketing communication. You need graphic design services to create your posters and ads, and product packaging and branding elements are also designed by experts. Visual identity and graphic templates appear in online posts, in various advertising spaces and across communication channels.

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