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ATL Marketing – conventional marketing tools

Use traditional ad types for your marketing communication, reach wide audiences and drive brand awareness. Our comprehensive campaign management service covers every aspect of traditional advertising.

About ATL

ATL means ‘above the line’, and it refers to the conventional, traditional forms of advertising that are so popular. ATL almost always uses mass media for communication, which means its messages are impersonal and it maintains the distance between brand and consumer.

ATL tools

When planning a campaign, there is a large number of options to choose from in traditional advertising.
ATL tools include television and radio ads, which are great for countrywide campaigns. If they are creative, these ads can make a lasting impression. Radio ads are another good option for national campaigns, but with smaller, local stations, you can target narrower audiences, too.

Billboards are the most popular form of out of home advertising, but in cities city-light posters and transit ads can also drive results, as they can target motorists, pedestrians and public transport passengers at the same time.

Ads in print media are also important ATL tools—they can be displayed in newspapers, magazines and professional journals.