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Where can you find your target group? What tools and budget do you need to reach them? Reaching them is not enough, though, a lot depends on implementation and timing. For the purchase of a product or service or for the conclusion of a partnership agreement, you need many details, and you need all of them in the right place. It’s like a puzzle.

Market research, competitor analysis, choosing the right platforms, drawing up a marketing strategy, preparing campaigns, developing creatives and content, launching and adjusting PPC ads, reporting...

It might seem scary, but think of it this way: you have endless possibilities.

Work with us:

MyAd Marketing and Creative Agency was established in 2013 to create unique advertising campaigns to support the communication of Hungarian SMEs and large companies. Our team has a decade-long track record in managing online and offline campaigns, in graphic design and production projects and in the creation and implementation of marketing strategies.

Full-service marketing agency

With experts from all marketing fields, our team can provide full service to your business, from creating a strategy to evaluating successful campaigns, both in offline and online media.

Integrated marketing communication

The MyAd team believes in 360-degree marketing. We believe that consistent communication across various channels can create a stronger brand identity and loyalty. Our speciality is integrated marketing across platforms.

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