Our specialities
Strategic planning

Tactics and targeting; all our communication solutions are based on a well-planned strategy.

ATL campaigns; Media advertisements

Relying on our research and expertise, we can provide you with the media solutions that best suit your goals.

Online and social media campaigns

We offer you complex online and social media solutions and well-functioning mechanisms.

Communication research and analysis

We use media software to choose the most adequate communication channels to reach your target group.

Graphic and creative design

Whether you advertise online or offline, we can make the most relevant, aesthetically pleasing and spectacular creatives for your campaigns.


We arrange the pre-production, production and the post-production of films, radio and other visual and audio materials, and also print and marketing materials.

PR communication

Through a well-based brand strategy, external and internal PR and CSR communication, press coverage, events and sponsorship, we will develop your brand.

BTL campaigns; Events, outdoor corporate events

We provide creative BTL solutions, we organise events, press events, outdoor corporate events and road-shows.